Stereo Cameras, Mammoth Cameras, Tiny Cameras and Specials

The Very First Photographic Camera was used by Niepce in 1826.  Recently,
A Daguerreotype Collector in Europe gave me a link to an image of a
camera attributed to Niepce from 1826.   This copy is exact size, with a
focused lens and slot for a plate to be inserted.  You can use the Niepce process,
if you so would work perfectly with this camera. OR, a
casual image can be made on normal photographic paper for
demonstration purposes.  An Interesting, and excellent collectors piece.
I build this camera from a limited supply of Ancient Old World Mahogany.


Fox Talbot used small cameras with a simple lens as he experimented
with the sensitized paper Calotype Process.  His wife thought they were
Cute, and called them "mouse traps".   The slide the back removes to
allow a sheet of photographic paper to be laid across the back of the camera.
Will still function as intended today to do Calotypes, for demonstration
purposes images can be made on regular photgraphic printing paper.
This Camera is a splendid addition to a collection of Early Cameras.  
I build this camera from a limited supply of Chestnut.


From One Extreme to the Other


Large Cameras CAN be made.  They are very much "Special Order".  The one
on the left is a 22 Inch Square Format 18X22 Landscape/Portrait Camera built for
Robert Szabo who used it at Yosemite.    The Camera on the right is a 24 Inch Camera
built for John Coffer, who has had numerous Gallery showings using Images
made by This Camera.  It retracts back into the box rear and a bottom trap door
folds up, and it all stores it its own "box".  Finished in Black and Grey Paint.
I need to have a correct Lens in Hand before building a camera like this.


18X22 Anthony Style Bellows Camera

20X24 Heavy Field Camera

And No Doubt...that  got you seeing Double!

Stereo Cameras

A Nice, Lightweight yet Practical in many ways everyday Camera,
the Stereo Camera can make interesting images with the supplied
twin lenses, or landscape images with a single lens on the extra
lensboard. Mounted  Achromat Lenses are supplied and the camera
is able to make images as purchased.  I make these in two sizes, a 5X7, and a larger
5X8 which will also do upright half plate images.  This camera should be
used with the Tall field tripod if you intend on doing stereo landscape
images.  Available in either Cherry or Mahogany.


Le Petit Demoiselle

Indeed this camera is a small young lady
but she is strongly made of strong yet delicate
timber.  Le Petit Demoiselle is a NEW MODEL
from The Star Camera Company and one
that will no doubt prove to be very popular indeed!
A Dedicated Wet Plate Camera it is in 5X7
Horizonal Format and is equipped with a single
achromat landscape lens.  An extra lensboard is
provided as are three plateholder inserts.
I build this camera from Aromatic Red Cedar,
using hand picked hard wood boards of
exceptional figure and quality

Price  $895

The UnLeica

A Precision Wet Plate Camera, fully functional and an excellent camera.
The UnLeica takes its inspiration from the Classic Leica Rangefinder
and is nearly as easy to use!  Format size is 2.5" X 3", proportional
to 8X10 for enlargement purposes.  This Camera can be the corner-
stone of a fun to use small format Wet Plate outfit. Let your imagination
run wild and design a small darkbox and bath setup and enjoy wet plate
in a whole new way!  I need to have a small lens in hand before
beginning construction on this camera.