TThe Lewis Daguerreotype Camera

II TTThe Most Beautiful Camera that I build, the Lewis Daguerreotype Camera is a fine addition to an exceptional Early
Lens.   I use Spanish Cedar with an Indian Rosewood Veneer.  Oxblood Bellows and a turned horn knob on top.  Inside,
the plateholder and ground glass reside.  Extra long focal capabilities for close up photogrphy.  This Camera can do
Tintypes, Ambrotypes and Glass Negatives as well as Daguerreotypes.  Three plateholder inserts are provided.  Available
in Half Plate and Quarter Plate formats.  The Quarter Plate version is scaled somewhat smaller than the half plate.  The
finish is many coats of handrubbed Amber Shellac, with Polyurethane on the inner parts for chemical resistance.  This is
an Amazing, quite complicated camera, and one I enjoy building.  The Veneer work is a challenge, but when it works
well...its a thing of beauty!  I would suggest this camera to those who are interested in doing historical reenactment work.  
The small compact, yet historically correct and interesting design delights the user and public alike.  Youll find it easy to
work, quick to use, and capable of amazing images in all the popular formats.  Its too bad that early Dag era stands are
not available, that would well suit this camera.  A Great alternative though is the medium duty field tripod I build, it is
very period looking, and correct and easy to use with this camera.

Price ......$1095  in Quarter Plate
$1195 in Half Plate
Tripod .....$175

From The Photo Archives, a few images of Lewis Cameras that I have built, click any image for a
larger view.