How long will it take to get my camera?

It could be as soon as two weeks or so...but if its a big camera, or complicated,
like the Chamfered Front or a Mammoth, it could be a few months.  Eventually
It will get finished  and delivered.  

I don't have a lens, what should I do?

Ebay is a great source, lets talk about the specs of your intended camera, and
Ill have a look there and see if anything is for sale that would work for us.
If so, Ill let you know, and let you bid on it.  Sometimes, Lenses come through here which
will be suitable for your camera at any given time, just a matter of luck really.  Best advice
would be for you to decide what type camera you would like, and then let  me
know.   I can offer you guidelines on what Lens would he suitable, and over
time we will end up with something in hand.  

Cam I visit the Shop?  I'm not to far away and can
pick up my Camera when its done.

Oh Yes by all means you are Welcome here to do business.  email for
directions and to set up an appointment time.  

OK, So how do I get Started?

So TALK to me then!  Email is best, get your thoughts
together, and write me a note.  Let me know if you have a lens
and if you know what format and style you may like.  Eventually
we narrow down exactly it is you want, and if you need baths or something
else to go along with the camera...and then the numbers are added up
and you send me a deposit.  I do like Paypal, BTW.  I work half down,
half on completion.  At this point, depending on where you are in on the
pipeline of orders, your camera is eventually built and delivered to you.

Can I work a sheet film holder, you know, modern film,
in this camera?   Do you adapt your Cameras for sheet film holders?

No, Sorry I don't do that but after its your camera, you're
certainly free to try to make something up.  I sell them purely as dedicated
Wet Plate and Daguerreotype Cameras.

I have one of the older Star Cameras, I bought it used.
Do you "Refinish" and overhaul them?  

Some of the Star Cameras have been in the Field now for more
than a decade.  Time, Wear, Chemicals....all take a toll on the ol gal.  And Yes, I do
overhaul the old ones and make them look young and new once again.  
Depending on how much it is worn, the finish can be 100% Stripped, Sanded,
restained and refinished.  Brass will be repolished, tolerances readjusted
and working surfaces cleaned and waxed.  Prices depend on the
type and condition of the camera, but average about $200.

Did You take My Picture??

Well, It is very Possible!  If you were active in the Civil War
Reenacting Scene from say 1995 to 2005, in the North East....I
very well MAY have taken your Picture!

How Do I Learn How to Do Wet Plate Photography?
I want a camera...but maybe I should learn wet plate first??

Well You have a good point there.  You can usually
find someone within driving distance who is active in the process
and would be willing to get together in the backyard and do some plates,
or you can find a Workshop somewhere....or someone doing Private Tutorials.
Lots of People learn the process from Manuals, online resources, videos....If
you're serious about this...go ahead and order a camera and by the
time its built, you'll have read the books and joined the online forums
and will be ready to give it your best shot.  You'll do Fine.

What Format do I get?   I like "BIG" but still want
to work out of a darkbox on locations.

Then you get a big darkbox.  Anything over whole plate
steps up the difficulty level a notch or two.  You take more time
haul more gear more of everything....       This stuff is heavy.  If you're
not up to hauling lots of stuff around...Brother you need to stick with
digital. If you're dedicated, and have the back of an old van blacked
out with running water, ventilation and safelights...then maybe
you could haul that Mammoth Camera around and do images.

Whats your Stereo Camera like.....How can
I make stereo cards again?  Does it really come
equipped with matching lenses ?

Stereo Cameras are equipped with Single Achromat Lenses
with a stop before the lens.  This is exactly how many 19th Century
stereo cameras were equipped.  The lenses give sharp focus and a
detailed 3D effect.  Its easy to make your own cards, the negative is
printed out, the sides reversed and mounted on cardboard stock.  
They will look Magnificent through a Proper Stereo Viewer.

I like he Look of the early Daguerreotype Cameras, but I know
I'll only be doing Wet Plate.  It is OK?    

All of my Cameras have interchangeable Plexiglass inserts,
which allow both glass plates, tintype plates and daguerreotype
plates to be used in exactly the same manner. I do treat the inside
of the Daguerreotype Camera plateholders with Polyurethane
though....just the same as the Wet Plate cameras.