Wet Plate Adapter Backs

Nearly every View Camera will allow Wet Plate photography with the use of a
well designed and constructed Adapter Back.  Usually, this will affix to
the camera after it has been focused, and the ground glass frame removed.
Some more modern designs however, call for a new frame with attached ground
glass and a new attachment setup for the wet Plate back.  Older, Large Studio Camera
can be 'simplified' with the deletion of sliding tracks and useless pieces using a
well designed adapter back.  Just as in the Wet Plate Backs for Star Cameras,
these will come with three interchangable plexiglass reducer inserts.  
I do need to have your camera here at my Shop for design and Fitting.

A Few general camera types commonly adapter are Deardorff, Kodak 2D, Ansco
Kodak Century, Wisner among others.  Remember though, the Chemical
Nature of the Wet Plate Process WILL eventually leave stains on your camera.


Wisner Style Adaption with Plateholder
New Frame and Ground Glass

Wisner Adapter Back System, this attaches a new mount frame to the camera and allows a
hinged ground glass.  The Plateholder snaps in from the top, on dowel pins.
The Wisner Style adaption is used for special situation where my normal
back design cannot be used.  This is frequently because of items on the Camera
which interfere with the clearances needed.  This Style also works well on Smaller Cameras.

Price, Wisner Style Adaption

5X7 and smaller     $350
8X10                        $450

Deardorff Style Adapter Back

This is the most Popular style of Adapter Back.  Fitting most view cameras
that have a ground glass that un snaps from the camera back, it takes the
place of the ground glass for use and the image is taken after the slide is withdrawn.            
A Strong,Robust Unit that will give decades of use.

Price, Deardorff Style Adapter Back

5X7 and Smaller,               $295
up to and including 8X10  $325
11X14                                  $475